Child Family Reunification Meeting

Child Family Reunification Meeting

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The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is just around the corner, set for the first week of November. Children from various centers- Kivuli, Tone la Maji and Anita Home will also be taking part in this year’s examination after which they will be reintegrated back to their families.

Throughout the year parents have been attending seminars to enable them prepare mentally and physically towards the arrival of their children from the centers. During the seminars parents are equipped with information on ways in which they can become responsible parents and how to build a solid relationship between the parent and the child.

The last seminar of the year took place at Shalom House on the 30th of September, which was conducted by Ambassador Edwin Tiego, a mentorship coordinator. In the session he did emphasize the importance of the role of a parent in the life of a child which he illustrated through a narrative of how  a pilot is able to steer an airplane from one destination to another.  The pilot is able to achieve this effectively through instructions issued to them from the control tower. The control tower is this instance symbolized the role of a parent in the life of a child. A good parent is one who is able to issue effective direction and morals to their child which they can emulate to become responsible individuals.

It is important to note that in life one is bound to make mistakes and children are no exception, for this reason parents should be able to correct their children in ways in which the children can learn from their mistakes and avoid them in future. There is also the need for parents to reward good behavior as a way of shaping behavior.

Mr. Tiego encouraged the use of the 3F’s in parenting –Firmness, parents should be firm in the decisions they make in regard to their children while at the same time being Fair in the kind of punishment they give their children and most importantly be Friends with their children as that is the only way they will detect any changes in their children lives.

Vacancy for the Position of Social Worker – Sep 2017

Vacancy for the Position of Social Worker – Sep 2017


Koinonia Community is seeking to fill the position of a social worker as detailed below;

Job title: Social worker  

Reporting line: Project Manager.


To ensure efficient and effective day to day running of social activities in the project and the welfare of all beneficiaries (direct and indirect) are well observed. This should be done in line with Koinonia community policies on beneficiary protection and care within the delegated authority of a results based management framework.


Responsibilities include, but not limited to;

  1. In charge of all matters relating to the day-to-day welfare of beneficiaries
  2. Promote team work in the facilitation of beneficiary activities with other members of staff and volunteers.
  3. Facilitate quality beneficiary sessions in line with their rehabilitation care plans. This involves facilitation of programs in psychosocial support, mentorship and education
  4. Coordinate and plan with the other staff members on internal control systems, work schedules and follow ups such as community, home, hospital and school and visits
  5. Prepare annual and monthly work plans as well as progress reports for the social department in conjunction with other departmental staff
  6. Prepare accounting records, inventory, asset register, periodic financial reports and budget for all the beneficiaries and hand them to the manager on time for monthly requisition and liquidations
  7. Conduct needs assessments and case studies of beneficiaries in the project
  8. Maintain and update beneficiary personal files and database
  9. Liaise with the project manager on plans affecting beneficiary placement, reintegration issues and family based interventions.
  10. Plan and conduct monthly meetings with the parents and the community
  11. Ensure effective communication, mobilization and networking with other relevant organizations for referrals and support in the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of beneficiaries.
  12. Enhance project efficiency and effectiveness through implementation of follow-up activities with various stakeholders, including monitoring of Koinonia inputs, local conditions and resources
  13. Compile beneficiary related training and orientation materials to promote knowledge sharing with other members of staff, donors and all other stakeholders.
  14. Perform any other duties assigned by the Project Manager


Minimum Requirements and experience

  • Diploma in Social work, Education or related field with a strong bias in counseling.
  • Computer literacy a must: working knowledge of MS office required;
  • Experience in capacity building which includes facilitation of community-based training and awareness
  • Good knowledge of children rights and abuse prevention
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Not  less than 2 years previous work experience,
  • Must have a family and be willing to reside within the project compound as may be required by the organization.


 Terms of Employment:

  • I year Renewable Contract
  • Probation period for the first 3 Months


Interested candidates WHO FULLY MEET the above criteria should send their applications to Human Resources Manager (via E-mail- with Subject. Social worker Job Application, handwritten applications can be deposited at the reception of Shalom House, St. Daniel Comboni Rd, off Ngong’ road) along with a detailed Curriculum Vitae, certificate of good conduct and copies of both academic and professional certificates stating their current position, three (3) professional referees, current and expected salary and their daytime contacts addressed to: Human Resource Manager

The Closing date for receiving applications will be 2nd October 2017. Koinonia Community is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all applicants on the basis of merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability

Psycho-support Parents/Guardians meeting

Psycho-support Parents/Guardians meeting

Kenya News

Koinonia Community have been at the fore front impacting the lives of community members through the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of children from the streets.

A family set up is the best place for a child to grow in thus the need for children to be reintegrated back to their families. The reintegration part greatly involves parents being able to build a relationship with their children that will deter them from heading back to the streets.  It is due to this cause that Koinonia Community organizes forums for parents and guardians to be guided on ways in which they will relate with their children once they return home.

Pycho-social support is important as it helps parents understand the important role they are expected to play in the upbringing of their children. It also helps parents explore and find practical ways in which they can do this. Pycho-social support sessions include having one on one counselling sessions with the parents to get to understand the different challenges they are going through, after which they are helped to come up with practical solutions. One such session was held in Shalom House, on Saturday 29th July 2017.

Many of the children rescued from the streets have absentee parents or some live on the streets with their children. It is important for the guardians to understand the value of being a responsible parent as it guides a child to being a responsible citizen in future. Parents are encouraged to be engage with their children as well as looking for alternative means of survival that will not result in their children heading back to the streets. There is bound to have disagreements between parents and their children and parents should ensure that they solve such with sober minds.

The discussions were moderated by various counselors, Jane Njeri, Grace Mwangi , Robert Kheyi  and Sammyl Mwangi. The sessions will continue whereby parents and guardians will be guided on ways they find meaningful employment or have start up businesses.

Recognizing the Best Performers in Koinonia

Recognizing the Best Performers in Koinonia

Kenya News

Success cannot be achieved unless someone has the vision and desire- the words of Mr. Harrison Kyalo, Koinonia Community Administrator during the 2nd edition of Koinonia Recognition Event that took place on 28th July 2017 at Paolo’s Home in Kibera.

This is a day set aside in the Koinonia calendar aimed at honoring individuals and projects that have performed well in attaining certain goals as a means of motivation, in the last year.

The recognition had been based on two sections the Income Generating Activities (IGA’s)/Social enterprise and Social Projects, which were further classified into five categories- Innovation and Growth, Improved projects, Family Involvement, Resource mobilization and networking and Finance Managements.

Best performers in the Social Enterprise category included;

Kivuli Trailoring School – Quality of Service and Compliance award.

Shalom House and Baraza Café – CSR and Community Service award.

Riruta Health Project – Finance Management and Sustainability award.

Domus Marie School –   HR Opportunities and Dedication award.

Shalom IT Center – Innovation and Growth award.


Best performers among the Social Projects included;

Anita Home – Best care practices (Behavior, Education and Talent Development) award.

Families to families – Family involvement and Empowerment award.

Rescue centers – Finance Management and Sustainability award.

Tone la Maji – HR Opportunities and Dedication award.

Paolo’s Home – Resource mobilization and networking award.

It was also important to recognize the efforts of projects and social enterprises that had shown great improvement in the last one year.

Most improved social enterprise were Riruta Health Project and Domus Marie, while most improved social projects were Anita Home and Paolo’s Home.

Best performed and projects that greatly improved this time round were awarded greatly in that they issued with vouchers, gifts in addition to certificates for the projects and individual certificates for the members in the best performing projects.

At the end of the event one thing was clear that it takes a team to succeed. Janet Nyongesa, the manager at Paolo’s Home urged her fellow colleagues to work with passion for the children and the community as that is what Koinonia Community has envisioned to fulfill since inception.

Reintegration Seminar for Parents

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Reintegration is the process through which children that have been successfully rehabilitate from the streets are introduced back to their families. The reintegration process focusses on three key points; retention of a child in the family setting, safety and wellbeing of the child.

Families to Families is a Koinonia Community project mandated to help both parents and children through the process of reintegration. A family setting is the best place for a child to grow in thus the need for reintegration as a human being is incomplete without a family.

The 1st Saturday saw the first parents reintegration seminar held at Shalom House, the key aim being to help prepare them on the coming home of their children. Kenneth Kariuki, a family counselor talked of some of the influences that affect children that may lead them in having deviant behavior. The influences include media, social media, peer pressure, religion, gambling, music, fashion, community and most importantly parents. Many at times various children run to the streets to seek refuge due to these influences as well as improper parenting where a child may feel unloved and unwanted. It is therefore important that parents have a convincing power towards decisions their children make in their lives. This is important as failure to which they may end up being misguided.

For a child to be comfortable in being reintegrated back to the home it is important for the environment to be conducive  a home where the child feels loved, where the child can freely express their opinions, the parent to always be available for the child and being a good role model. As a result children can talk freely to their parents about various challenges and changes in their lives and in turn parents are able to note the various changes in their children.

Parents were urged to always offer good parenting to their children through loving them and being supportive to their children. This process of reintegration is set to continue until their children are successfully reintegrated back home in November, a journey that parents, children and Koinonia Community will happily travel together.

International Day for the Street Children 2017

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International day for the street children is marked annually on the 12th April since 2011 to create awareness on the millions of street children in the world so their rights may not be ignored.

Koinonia Community in partnership with Amani and the MAECI project worked together in ensuring that street children in Nairobi have a remarkable day, through the Koinonia Street Kids Tournament. The past two weeks street children from different areas in Nairobi have been practicing twice per week for the ultimate final of the tournament that took place today at the Joseph Kang’ethe Community Centre in Woodley area, Nairobi County.

Eight different teams took part in the tournament; Adams, Mutindwa, Santiago, Van Couver, Anita Home, Majengo Base, Kawangware and Riverside in football and in the 100m race. Each team brought the A game and were all hopeful in winning, however the matches  after the normal time play ended on a barren draw and had to be decided by a penalty shoot-out. The ultimate winner for the tournament for the boys’ side was Van Couver and on the girls side Anita carried the day. All the teams were awarded with jerseys and footballs that will enable them in their sports activities, winners were also given trophies for their hard work.

Through the tournament it has created an opportunity for street children to interact and bond with other children from different areas. This year will see the publication of the United Nation’s General Comment on children in the streets, which states that every child has rights regardless of their gender, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, abilities or any other form of distinction. This will go a long way in giving guidelines to governments in ensuring street children’s rights are recognized.

Word Health Day 2017

Kenya News

On the 7th of April every year the world celebrates World Health Day, whereby this year the key focus is depression themed as let’s talk. Depression is one of those terms that one uses when they are feeling sad or miserable about life, where by these feelings fade in due time but if they persists over time it could be a sign of one being depressed.

Depression is a treatable condition however about 50% of the cases go untreated as most people still don’t understand it or the stigma associated with it. Kenya is  ranked 6th by the World Health Organization in a report released early this year, about 1.9 m cases reported in 2016. Number of people with depression has increased by 18% since 2005. Depression cases are highest in Nigeria, followed by Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo comes in 3rd  in Africa. Globally about 300 million people are affected by depression.

Depression varies from person and can be as a result of one or more reasons such as loss of a loved one, life events, anger, physical conditions, anxiety, medication side effects, use of drugs, childhood experiences etc. Statistics indicate that more women are affected by depression than men, also higher in older people

Depression can be controlled through engaging in physical activities, storytelling in young children as it eliminates anxiety, counselling in cases of life events, acceptance of physical conditions and living positively.

With a Big Vision, I Take my Step

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John Nduati is among a group of young people who have gathered at Shalom House, Nairobi, for a two day workshop on Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship. At 19, Nduati is passionate about the arts and knows exactly what career he would love to undertake however financial. Constrains and adequate knowledge on how to enroll for an appropriate coarse have hindered him from pursuing his dream career.

This is a story that replicates with many other young people attending this particular workshop. Many were not able to complete their high school due to poverty or got into the wrong group of friends thus dropping out.

The two day workshop has been organized by Amani an Italian organisation, MAECI- Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Corporation and Koinonia Community. It is aimed at empowering the youth who are past Koinonia Community beneficiaries at the various centers. Jackline Achieng a business trainer and Kenneth Kariuki a counselor are the trainers present and they are looking to help this group of young people come up with practical goals and objectives that will see them become financially stable.

The rate of unemployment is increasing by the day and if these group of youths are able to get started on their career paths or businesses it goes a long way to reducing the number of unemployed youth in the country. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and for this particular group is to get to know what they truly desire to accomplish in life in terms  their goals and objectives. The number one thing about goals and objectives is to ensure that they are practical and also set timelines on when and how they intend to achieve them.

This particular workshop is not just a two day thing, but opens an opportunity for mentorship where the trainers will monitor their growth and help them out with any challenges they may encounter in their journey to attaining their goals and objectives in life. Koinonia Community and Amani also did promise to do follow ups and support the youth where need be so long as they put in the required effort towards achieving their goals

Empowering the Community on Children’s Rights

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Knowledge is power, for this reason Koinonia Community together with Amani under the MAECI project have undertaken a campaign to empower community members of children rights.
An estimate by Consortium of Street Children (CSC), an international charity, suggests the number of street children could be as high as between 250,000 and 300,000 throughout Kenya, including 60,000 in Nairobi alone. A number of factors contribute to the high number of children in the streets ranging from poverty, neglect by parents and guardians, peer pressure among other issues forcing the children to seek refuge in the streets.
Koinonia Community has been of aid to vulnerable and street children, by rescuing them, rehabilitating and reintegrating them back to their families, in partnership with Amani. At the end of 2016 the MAECI project started a campaign aimed at sensitizing the public on children’s rights in the aim of reducing the number of children in the streets.
The campaign was carried out in different forms of media, calendars, stickers and radio through public service announcements as well as through street theatre. Through the different forms one is sure to capture different forms of audiences. If parents/ guardians and the community are empowered on how to cater to their children they are able to provide a conducive environment for them to grow up in. knowledge is indeed power and with an informed community they are sure to make informed decisions.

Fire in the Forest

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Since 1995 Koinonia Kenya has worked with children and youth from difficult backgrounds, following a “3R’s” approach: Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate.

Children found in the streets of Nairobi have suffered from different forms of neglect, abuse and lack of basic needs. In order to survive in the harsh life of the streets, the children have had to adapt to certain behaviours and ways of life that in most cases will be viewed as non-conforming to the social norms. Rescuing these children form the streets requires the first of all the collaboration of the children themselves, and then from their families and the community at large. The entire process, until the children arrive in our rescue centres, takes weeks of work in the streets, careful approach and personal attention and care.

Once in our centres, basic needs, education, loving care, guidance and counseling are provided to these children. There’s no greater joy than seeing these children become mature and responsible members of the society.

Watch the video below to see how we work.