Life Skills Training at Ever School

Life Skills Training at Ever School

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A class at Ever School

Koinonia Community in partnership with Riruta Health Project (RHP) are offering life skills lessons at Ever School, every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. The sessions are conducted and coordinated by Chege Kamau.

Life skills can be simply described as a skill that is necessary in everyday life. Today’s lesson was all about public speaking. The art of public speaking can be tricky especially if one is not used to speaking in front of large crowds. The lesson starting with a simple exercise where Chege invited the students to talk about random topics. The exercise was aimed at analyzing, the mode of presentation, preparedness, audibility and confidence levels.

The first pointer when it comes to public speaking is how one walks towards the podium. One should be confident and maintain an upright posture as it helps build trust with the audience. Once you get on the podium take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the environment. If for some reason you tend to fill a bit nervous it is advisable to have an icebreaker; whereby you could say a short joke.

A key factor to a good public speaker is he/she should know what they will be talking about. One may be confident but if they lack knowledge of what they are going to present, one may end up losing focus. It important to research adequately concerning the subject that one will present. Also ensure that the presentation is conversational and maintain eye contact with the audience.

 You want your audience to capture what you are talking about and therefore one should ensure that they are audible. When one is audible enough and maintains eye contact it helps the audience to stay alert and follow through the presentation. The last pointer one should consider is to ensure that they do not engage in unnecessary movement as this could be destructive or hazardous.

As you head to your next public speaking session do keep the above tips

The Day of the African Child 2016 Celebrations

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It has been 40 years since the youth of South Africa marched in all parts of the country on a lonely journey for a better education, a transformed South Africa and Africa at large. On this day, we salute them, the children of 1976, who gave their lives so that we and future generations of Africans and South Africa could free ourselves from the yoke of apartheid, establish a new democratic order of honoring the child rights and live together in peace and harmony.

This year’s celebrations were held under the theme “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all children’s rights”.

Koinonia Community couldn’t find a better way to celebrate this day than holding an event that will remain written in the history of this community. Children are faced with numerous challanges including poverty, hunger, homelessness and hostility. As Koinonia Commmunity, we strive at empowering the lives of communities, and work to touch more lives in a positive way. Koinonia community in conjunction with AMANI today officially opened Koinonia Mother House Rescue Centre in a colorful event attended by various stakeholders including a representative of the Italian Ambassador, representative of the Italian Cooperation; local administrators including OCS, chief and the a representative of the Dagoretti Children’s Officer. Koinonia commmunity members and staff; the local community; both current and former beneficiaries of koinonia also graced this occassion.

Mother House Children Centre being officially opened today is largely funded by the Italian International Corporation (MAECI) in partnership with Amani Onlus and Koinonia Community. It is meant to serve children rescued from the streets of Nairobi and its environs, especially Riruta and Kibera, by providing them with a place to call home, education, rehabilitation and relevant care.

Children from Kivuli Centre, Anita Home, Paolo’s Home and Kibera drop-in were present to welcome their little brothers and sisters. This did not go unnoticed by the rescued children as they thanked all the stakeholders for the time their and efforts put forward towards making their lives better.

Kononia Community’s unmistakable slogan “we belong to each other” was echoed so they all felt welcome. The event ended in in food and drinks for everyone

Celebrating 27 years of Service in Kenya

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Koinonia celebrated her 27 years of service in Kenya. During this period, Koinonia is glad to have positively transformed hundreds of lives, guided by her mission to work with the children and marginalized in the community.

Many have had their basic needs provided; given formal education; provided with business skills; and a hope for a better tomorrow. This has been achieved through the support of our partners, members of staff and the community at large.

Held on 15th May 2017 at Koinonia Mother House in Satelite, Nairobi, the event brought together members of staff, Koinonia Community members, our partners and our beneficiaries to celebrate the milestones that we’ve achieved collectively as a team. It all started with a holy mass, led by our founder, Father Renato Sesana. After the mass, the community recognized both the social projects as well as social enterprises that have dedicated themselves to help us get to where we are.

The recognized projects were as follows:

Social Projects

Paolo’s Home – Best in Financial Management category

Tone La Maji – Best in Networking & resource Mobilization, and Beneficiary Discipline categories

Rescue Centers – Best in Networking & resource Mobilization, and Beneficiary Discipline categories

Kivuli Centre – Bestin Beneficiary Success Stories, and Talent Search & Development categories

Families to Families – Best in Community Empowerment category

Anita Home – Best in Documentation category


Social Enterprises

Shalom House Enterprises – Best in Personnel Development, and Sustainability categories

Shalom IT Center – Best in Quality of Service category

Diakonia Institute – Best in Corporate Social Responsibility category

Shalom IT Services – Best in Innovation category

Domus Mariae School – Best in Dedication to Work category

Riruta Health Project – Best in Community Service category

Kivuli Tailoring – Best in Community Service category


It was also a day when Koinonia Community, in partnership with Amani and MAECI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) launched a new project at Mother House, Dada Mdogo, that is aimed at reaching out to the vulnerable girl-child in the slums and streets of Nairobi.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s journeyed with us thus far, as we look forward to reaching out to more vulnerable children, and touch more lives for the better.