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In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, if we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must transcend our race, tribe and class. Peace is one thing that is precious but plenty of time taken for granted, until there is absence of it that its value is realized.

On Saturday 8th July ,various children from different schools and centers came together to celebrate the Amka Kenya Peace initiative at Shalom House aimed at promoting peace. Present at the event were children from Agape Hope School, The Lords house of hope, Cherish School, Global home rescue and rehabilitation center, Brother Beausang School, PCEA Bulbul School, Koinonia Community among others.

The children took up in various activities such as storytelling, dancing, singing, poetry, face painting, music etc. This was a joyous moment and one could help noticing the peace that the children experienced as they engaged in these activities. The event was aimed at promoting peace and children came through to demonstrate this fact effortlessly in their ability to find happiness in the simple things. This is one the greatest lessons that adults can learn from the children even as the country is gearing up to the general elections in August.

Previously Kenya has experience post-election violence and this time round the country is very cautious that the past doesn’t repeat itself thus the need to promote peace at all times and the best example is to replicate children. Change begins with you and me only then that we can have a great country.

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