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Koinonia Former Beneficiaries Participate in Camping Activities With Families to Families Project

Families to families project, an initiative of Koinonia Community that facilitates reintergration of children in our centres , also doubling-up in doing family follow ups participated in a five days camping activities from 20-25 August 2012 at Rowalland Camp in Kibera-Nairobi . The activities involved life skills, guidance and counceling , sharing of life experiences and sporting activities organised for the former beneficiaries of Koinonia social projects as part of the project's outreach program. Catch a glimpse in the video below.

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Kivuli Ndogo Olympics

Children from Kivuli Ndogo on 26 July woke up to an exciting Pre London 2012 Olympics games activities organised by Italian friends from Oversees NGO - Modena. This was a local event that aimed at sharing the love with the former street children and learning the importance of Olympics.

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Koinonia Children's Day 2012

The annual event was filled with pomp and colour as Koinonia children and Members of Staff celebrated Father Kizito's 69th Birthday. Catch a Glimpse on the video Below...

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Ndugu Mdogo Children Perform at a Peace Forum

The event was aimed at bringing the interfaith organisations together in peace missions following the preparation of the coming General Election in March 4, 2013.


Koinonia Children Day-out Swimming Experience with Work Campers

The event was part of several other activities that the Centres have been engaging with the Work Campers’ group who have been with them since beginning of the month.


Baba Yetu Music Video

This Music titled Baba yetu - Swahili for 'Our Father' is the Lords prayer sang and presented by the rarely heard voices of the most vulnerable in the society: Former Street Children.

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Nuba Mountains: Education under Threat

About 3500 secondary school students and over 70,000 attending primary schools have been affected by the raging war. Some have made it to South Sudan to seek education in the camps while others remain home stranded, not knowing how they will cover the long distance to the land of sanctuary.Abdel Aziz al-Hilu, the SPLM-N leader in the state confirms in an exclusive interview with NewsfromAfrica's Eric Sande.

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Nuba Emergency

Who remembers the Nuba people of Southern Kordofan? Once again they are alone—trapped in the middle of a war. The area which includes the Nuba Mountains is part of Sudan, and it borders the newly independent South Sudan. The place names of this little known geography are strange and confusing. Beyond the names are a people who number about a million caught in the middle of two wars: the war between Sudan and South Sudan for control of the oil fields and the war against the Nuba people themselves because the majority supported South Sudan independence. They fought along side the freedom fighters of South Sudan, but at the negotiating table were denied the possibility of self-determination.

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Amka Kenya Music Video

Amka Kenya is a new composition created with the participation of the Ndugu Mdogo children, on the need for Kenyans to shun violence, tribal divide, political incitements and instead focus on national cohesion, informed choices of leaders and peace building initiatives, as the Nation prepares for the next General Election.

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