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Koinonia Community Staff Team Building 2014

On December 11 Koinonia Commmunity staff from the Income generating activities (IGA's) merged together to end the year in style with a number of field activities aimed at strengthening the staff unity at work and relationships. The Koinonia social projects in the month of september also had an equal opportunity to come together. It was the first of its kind this year and plans are underway to have more of it in the coming year 2015 where all the projects will have a collective team building.

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From the Street to the Stage, Bringing to the World a Message of Peace

There were emotions and applause on the night of November 24 at the “Rossetti theatre” in Vasto for the show done by young acrobats from Kivuli Centre in Nairobi (Follow link for original story in Italian). Young Kenyans on stage, with the youngest being six and a half years and the eldest being 21, all boys that Father Renato Kizito Sesana rescued from the streets and returned to a life of dignity.


Ndugu Mdogo Art Visitors Come Calling

The Danish Art Students had a wonderful time with Ndugu Mdogo Children on October 26 2014, learning from each other different variety of art. The students commonly visit the centre annually to share love with the street children through art. Check video

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Salama Art Centre at Shalom House

The video below was taken during an Art exhibition at Shalom House on 23 and 24 October 2014. Salama Art Centre an initiative of Koinonia Community was present and this is what they had to say....

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Fourteen-year-old Teenage Girl saved from early marriage and Taken to Anita Home

Catch a glimpse of a moving video story of a 14 year old Girl who was rescued from early marriage at taken to our girls Centre - Anita Home in Ngong.

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Family to Family Retreat 2014

Koinonia Children who were recently reintergrated to their families participated in this years families to families retreat held at bull's eye Kajiado county. The one week activity is part of koinonia's annual events which targets reintegarted children to share their life experience outside the centre and future endevours. Check the video below...

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Paolos Home Graduation

On Saturday July 11, 2014 Paolos home organised their first ever graduation ceremony of 8 children who had undergone physiotherapy and counselling at the new day care centre set up by koinonia community. The day care program has been in existance for a period the last one year as a centre to take care of the children living with disabilities and needed counseling and physiotherapy session ...... Check the link 

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Ndugu Mdogo New Entrants Make Debut Call at August House

Sitting at the public Gallery in parliament on Friday August 8, were 42 children from Ndugu Mdogo rescue centre, accompanied by their educators. They did not go to attend any parliamentary proceedings but to acquaint themselves with the norms of the house and what it takes to be a parliamentarian.


Drums of Kibera

15 boys from Koinonia children team, a performing arts group from Koinonia community charitable institutions (Tone la maji and Kivuli centre) visited Denmark from 9th - 23th June. They went to stage various artistic performances at the famous Holstebro Festuge Festival held occasionally in Denmark.
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Dagoretti's Breath of Fresh Air

The inhabitants of Dagoretti North and South sub counties of Nairobi City County in Kenya, are waking up to a new dawn.

A dawn that bring in breath of fresh air and ushers in waves of social change. Imparting communities at the grassroot level is the dagoretti’s first community radio station, Mtaani radio.Mtaani is a swahili word for Community.

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