From the streets and back to the streets with a message of hope

The Mthunzi Cultural Team of Lusaka has taken part to the just concluded ASSITEJ World Performing Arts Festival in Cape Town, South Africa from 17 – 27 May 2017. They have presented Maloza, a play inspired by the Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling.

Street life in Lusaka

In Lusaka (Zambia) like in many other African capitals, there are children roaming the streets, left alone to face trouble and dangers. They tend to group in bands of 10 to 20 of them, to protect each other, even though often it means exploitation of the young ones by the older.


LLP Constructs a Modern Library at Mthunzi

Lubuto Library Partners (LLP) will start to construct a public library at the Mthunzi Centre. The work to clear the place has already started.  It will be stationed just at the entrance of the Koinonia ground, after the bridge, a little up the hill, close to a majestic tree that with its shade (mthunzi in chinyanja) has inspired the name of the children's home.


‘I Aspire to be a Medical Doctor’

Young & AmbitiousMIKE MWENDA,


From Streets to Social Worker: Yama Kambole’s Story of Commitment

Yama Kambole was picked up by a Mthunzi social worker from the streets of Lusaka in 2001, aged five. Three years ago, after completing his high school, Yama decided to pursue a Diploma in Social Work, and now he is doing his first work experience in the same place where he grew up. His love and passion to work with the children, plus his winning smile, are making him a popular big brother. Catch a glimpse. 

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Former Street Kid Now Trainee Pilot


Who could have imagined that after spending one year as a street kid Jonathan Chimasula could get back on track and pursue his dream of becoming a pilot?

It is indeed never too late to pursue your dreams, especially when armed with education. Jonathan, 24, of Lusaka West is pursuing his dream at the Zambia Air Services Training Institute (ZASTI) after a one-year stint on the street.

At ZASTI, an excited Jonathan is pursuing a three- year diploma course in aircraft maintenance and engineering.


Zambian youths who received Pope Francis’ blessings

The most important Zambian daily newspaper has published on January the following article on the Italian adventure of the Koinonia Youth Team. The article is written by Mike Mwenda with a picture of Danny Mwale, both former Mthunzi beneficiaries and present members of Koinonia.


Gospel Musical Harmony from Mthunzi

Listen to wonderful voices from former street children at Mthunzi centre

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Pope Francis to the Koinonia Youth Team - Zambia

On December 15, 2013, sixteen member of the Koinonia Youth Team were in St. Peter Square in Rome to pray the Angelus with the Pope. To their surprise and joy, Pope Francis greeted them in a special way (watch the video). The Koinonia Youth Team toured Italy from November 23 till December 15, with a show of drumming and dances entitled Tiyende Pamodzi, or Let's Journey Together in Chinyanja, the vehicular language of most of Zambia.

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Bamboo Bicycles

 Zambikes is a Zambian social business that assembles and manufactures bicycles,  and contributes to the empowering of individuals to fight the mindset of poverty and address the social needs of Zambia. It also manufacturing bamboo bicycles.

A set of bamboo bicycle frames ready fro delivery.



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