Daraja ya Urafiki Festival


Kibera street festival took place at Ndugu Mdogo in Kibera bringing together locals and international friends in a celebration that was marked with lots of food and fun activities. Present at the event were children from Koinonia centers-Anita Home, Tone La Maji, Kivuli Center, locals from Kibera and friends of Koinonia Community from Italy.

The event was themed as “Daraja ya Urafiki”, aimed at strengthening friendship between Koinonia Community with the locals and its friends both locally and internationally. Koinonia Community strives to make the lives of vulnerable and street children better and to achieve this it requires collaborative efforts from local and international friends.

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and this event was no different as there were lots of food ranging from pilau, beef stew, kachumbari,Sukuma wiki and ugali accompanied by soft drinks. After a hearty and sumptuous meal it was time to dance to good music as well as watch various performances. Children from Koinonia Community also got an opportunity to entertain those present through dance, music and acrobats. Young artists also got to present some of the art they have learnt during the last few weeks. For the last four weeks a team of Italians have been offering a visual arts workshop to the youth in Kivuli Center and its environs, where the young people were taught different skills such as acting, music, editing and shooting skills.

The vulnerable children are part and parcel of the community we live and thus the need for its partnership with Koinonia Community in ensuring that the children have a bright future. Such events serve as an opportunity to showcase different talents as well as bridge the gap between the community and Koinonia thus bettering the already existing relationship.

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