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It's Back to School for Children at The Rescue Centers

This week marked the beginning of a new step in lives of children at the rescue centers. They were enrolled at different levels in various schools. This is after successful trainings and assessments.


Koinonia Community Beneficiaries- Tujikuze Event

Koinonia Community beneficiaries get to meet up once a year to discuss about their welfare. This year's theme was Tujikuze where the event took place at Kivuli Center in Kabiria, Nairobi. Old boys and girls from different centers under the Koinonia Community umbrella got to share their stories as well as motivate one another.

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Parents Seminar: The Reintegration Process

On the 10th day of December 2016, parents to children being rehabilitated at the Ndugu Mdogo and Mother House centers which are currently under the MAECI project attended a one day seminar. The seminar was aimed at preparing the parents mentally on the arrival of their children after the rehabilitation process. January 2017 will see the children get integrated back to their families and the community as a whole.

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Paolo's Home Celebrates International Day of people with Disability

It is the joy of every mother to deliver a healthy and bouncing baby. That was not the case for Florence Arum, mother to 5 year old cerebral palsy patient. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder caused by brain injury or malfunction that occurs while the child’s brain is developing or during birth when oxygen cannot reach the brain. The condition lasts a life time and one requires specialized care.

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Hail the Nairobi Sub-County Champions

Amani Yassets Football Club are the winners of the 2015/2016 Nairobi Sub-County League. This season they have played 22 matches, managing 16 wins and 6 draws. This is the first time the team has won a league since the team’s inception in 1992.


Koinonia Children Conference 2016

Koinonia children conference has been in existence for three years now since 2014. The 2016 edition was held on the 15th November at Tone La Maji one of the Koinonia Community centers in Kajiado County. Children from from the other centers; Kivuli center, Ndugu Mdogo and Mother House rescue centers converged at Tone La Maji for this year’s celebrations.

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Social Workers Training on Successes and Difficulties in Their Work

On a chilly Wednesday morning the 2nd of November 2016, saw a conference meeting of social workers from various centers at Koinonia Community. Among those present was Chiara Avezzano the Amani Onlus representative in Kenya who is also the MAECI program coordinator, Boniface Bokada the Programs/ Human Resource Manager at Koinonia Community, social workers and street educators. They had gathered at the conference room in Block B at Shalom House for a one day training.


Reintegration of Koinonia Beneficiaries - 2016 group

Koinonia Community is a non-governmental organization that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable children in Kenya.

Families to Families is a project under Koinonia Community that handles the reintegrate of rehabilitated children back to their families. This is done in order to ensure there is a smooth transition for the children from the various centers at Koinonia back to their families.


Life Skills Training on Relationships at Ndurarua Primary School

The MAECI project which is being implemented by Koinonia Community in partnership with Amani Onlus has incorporated Ndurarua Primary School, in Riruta Satellite to offer Life skills lessons twice a month during the 2nd and 4th weeks. These lessons are under Health Club which is headed by Mrs. Walter at the school.


International Day of the Girl Child Celebration 2016

11th October is the International Day of the Girl child, a day that seeks to create awareness on the inequalities faced by girls worldwide. Sustainable development goal number five is on gender equality which informs the ending of discrimination against women and girls. Thus the need to empower the girl child so as to overcome numerous challenges such early marriages, female genital mutilation, exploitation, sexual violence, poor access to sexual and reproductive education among others.

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