Ndugu Mdogo opens its doors to 30 boys


A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step. It is the beginning of a new life for 30 boys at Ndugu Mdogo in Kibra after being rescued from the streets of Nairobi. Today marks the beginning of a new life for them, one that they are guaranteed of having their basic needs catered for- food, shelter, clothing and a good education.

 These children come from different parts of the country, some coming from as far as Mombasa. In Nairobi they had set camp in different bases; Gikomba, Majengo and Mutindwa. There are various issues that may have contributed them to heading to the streets key factors being poverty, peer pressure and neglect from parents and family. Either way life in the streets has been coupled with various challenges from bullying by the big boys, lack of food, sleeping in the cold and worse is being harassed by city council officers who they normally refer to as “rhinos”.

 The rescue process has not been an easy one, as various Koinonia Community social workers have had to make several trips to various bases to create a rapport with children as a way of creating trust with them. The children will be housed at Ndugu Mdogo for a year, where they will undergo a rehabilitation process a means to introduce them to a normal life different from the harsh life in the streets. They will undergo counselling sessions that will enable them have a change in behavior especially when it comes to living with other children, avoiding use of drugs and becoming responsible individuals.

Children are a blessing from God and for that reason they should be loved and cared for. Padre Kizito filled with the love for children established Koinonia Community as a means of caring for vulnerable children especially those from the streets. He did advice the boys rescued to be of good behavior while at the rescue center further adding that at Koinonia there are boys who were rescued at a tender age and right now they have been able to accomplish their dreams urging them to follow suit.

As the children begin this journey, it is not an easy one but one that is worth travelling as a means to a bright future.

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