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Empowering Kangemi Residents on Children Rights

Are you aware of the rights that your child ought to enjoy? Well, most people don’t, and even those who have a clue may be tempted from time to time to overlook these rights. Kangemi is an informal settlement in Nairobi County, with approximately 100,000 residents. It is classified as a low- income settlement, with a large percentage of the residents living in abject poverty.

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Ndugu Mdogo opens its doors to 30 boys

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step. It is the beginning of a new life for 30 boys at Ndugu Mdogo in Kibra after being rescued from the streets of Nairobi. Today marks the beginning of a new life for them, one that they are guaranteed of having their basic needs catered for- food, shelter, clothing and a good education.


Daraja ya Urafiki Festival

Kibera street festival took place at Ndugu Mdogo in Kibera bringing together locals and international friends in a celebration that was marked with lots of food and fun activities.

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International day for the street children 2017

International day for the street children is marked annually on the 12th April since 2011 to create awareness on the millions of street children in the world so their rights may not be ignored.


World Health Day

On the 7th of April every year the world celebrates World Health Day, whereby this year the key focus is depression themed as let’s talk. Depression is one of those terms that one uses when they are feeling sad or miserable about life, where by these feelings fade in due time but if they persists over time it could be a sign of one being depressed.


With a Big Vision, I take my step

John Nduati is among a group of young people who have gathered at Shalom House, Nairobi, for a two day workshop on Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship. At 19, Nduati is passionate about the arts and knows exactly what career he would love to undertake however financial. Constrains and adequate knowledge on how to enroll for an appropriate coarse have hindered him from pursuing his dream career.


Empowering the Community on Children’s Rights

Knowledge is power, for this reason Koinonia Community together with Amani under the MAECI project have undertaken a campaign to empower community members of children rights.


Fire in the Forest

Since 1995 Koinonia Kenya has worked with children and youth from difficult backgrounds, following a "3R's" approach: Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate.

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It's Back to School for Children at The Rescue Centers

This week marked the beginning of a new step in lives of children at the rescue centers. They were enrolled at different levels in various schools. This is after successful trainings and assessments.


Street life in Lusaka

In Lusaka (Zambia) like in many other African capitals, there are children roaming the streets, left alone to face trouble and dangers. They tend to group in bands of 10 to 20 of them, to protect each other, even though often it means exploitation of the young ones by the older.


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