January is normally characterized by children heading back to school for the first term of the year in Kenya.

It is no different at Koinonia Community Rescue Centers who this year have successfully ensured that 58 boys and girls they have  joined school with the youngest joining pre-unit while the oldest joined standard seven, one joined high school while two others have joined technical institutions.

The two rescue centers; Mother House and Ndugu Mdogo have this year recorded a 95% successful reintegration process of 48 boys and girls.

The rescues are managed by six social workers who have ensured the children, who were rescued from the streets and vulnerable situations early 2017, are successfully rehabilitated and get to resume their education. The rehabilitation process is not an easy as it requires a lot of patience in dealing with the children and other elements so as to attain the desired outcome.

Social workers have taken the children through various activities and counselling sessions to successfully rehabilitate them effectively. The process has been successful due to the involvement of parents in their children lives as well as having frequent home visits.

As 2018 kicks in social workers will be hitting the streets once again to rescue more children who will be rehabilitated and reintegrated back to their families.

Children are a blessing to the universe and it the role of adults to ensure they get a good life so as to become better citizens and make the world a better place.