In it’s quest to serve children, youth and the wider society, Koinonia Community endeavors to empower them with necessary skills for social transformation.

Informal and Primary Education

Koinonia promotes inclusive education  at all levels of learning. This starts by providing informal education to out-of-school children in the streets which becomes the start of an educational journey through the rescue centres. While in the homes and after reintegration, the children are then enrolled into public primary schools.

Secondary Education and Vocational Training

on conclusion of primary education, some children are offered scholarship opportunities to pursue secondary school education while others access vocational training. Through Domus Mariae School, a modern secondary school started in 2008 at Kerarapon, Koinonia also offers quality education to boys who strive for academic excellence. On the other hand, Koinonia collaborates with different vocational training institutions to offer learning opportunities for youths in their specific areas of identical potential and interest.

Tertiary Education

The formally marginalized youth are offered scholarships to join universities and colleges according to their talents and academic achievements. Among other possibilities, they can access Diakonia Institute, established by Koinonia in 2010, to gain certificates and diplomas in Social Work, Management, Accountancy, Catering, and other fields. They can also study at Shalom IT Center, a college established by Koinonia in 2004,  that offers high level ICT courses.