Knowledge is power, for this reason Koinonia Community together with Amani under the MAECI project have undertaken a campaign to empower community members of children rights.
An estimate by Consortium of Street Children (CSC), an international charity, suggests the number of street children could be as high as between 250,000 and 300,000 throughout Kenya, including 60,000 in Nairobi alone. A number of factors contribute to the high number of children in the streets ranging from poverty, neglect by parents and guardians, peer pressure among other issues forcing the children to seek refuge in the streets.
Koinonia Community has been of aid to vulnerable and street children, by rescuing them, rehabilitating and reintegrating them back to their families, in partnership with Amani. At the end of 2016 the MAECI project started a campaign aimed at sensitizing the public on children’s rights in the aim of reducing the number of children in the streets.
The campaign was carried out in different forms of media, calendars, stickers and radio through public service announcements as well as through street theatre. Through the different forms one is sure to capture different forms of audiences. If parents/ guardians and the community are empowered on how to cater to their children they are able to provide a conducive environment for them to grow up in. knowledge is indeed power and with an informed community they are sure to make informed decisions.