Families To Families is a social project of Koinonia Community; initiated to facilitate youth/child reintegration/reunification process that focuses on the well-being of family relations in which the youth/child feels included, protected and his/her rights safeguarded. It was initiated in 2009 and started operating in 2010. The project is situated in Riruta Satellite. (Mother House.)

To promote community empowerment, health and sustainable social capital for effective societal reintegration of the marginalized youth and other vulnerable members.

Since inception, the project enabled a successful reintegration of 95 beneficiaries (30 Girls and 65 Boys) empowered over 150 youths and 140 parents. Currently, it is preparing 15 youths/children/ to face reintegration towards the end of year 2017; it also follow-up 45 out-reached beneficiaries after exiting 50 out-reach beneficiaries as a result of completion of secondary and technical learning.

• Child/beneficiary/youth reintegration identification
• Parents/Guardians reintegration workshops (In-Reach Group/Team)
• Parents/guardians’ Meeting/workshop (Out-Reach Group/Team).
• Reintegration home visits.
• Child and Family Reintegration Assessments.
• Individual and Group Talks with Beneficiaries facing reintegration.
• Retreat/workshop for the Out-Reach Beneficiaries/youths.
• Parental economic training in business.
• Beneficiaries/youths home coming graduation party.
• Placing/Reunifying back youths/beneficiaries with their parents/guardians.
• Home Follows to beneficiaries/youths’ families after home placements due to reintegration/family reunion
• Social and economic support to beneficiaries/youths and parents/guardians
• Psycho-social support to both Beneficiaries and some staffs
• Koinonia Database equipment
• Income generating activities

Home Visits by Families To Families

Future Prospects:
• To revise our reintegration program/qualifications and its activities.
• To work more with likeminded organizations.
• Attend to more home visits to enable more child family reunions/reintegration.
• To have a sustainable income generating activities to boost the project budget lines.