“Poverty, corruption, terrorist attacks, each and every day, no matter what people say they run to the savior, saved by the savior, Young Prince representing ’’  lyrics to the song Poverty by Humble, playing on a local radio station Mtaani Radio.

18 year old Evans Mutwiri alias Humble Prince is a young and upcoming artist from a small village, Katharaka in Meru County, Kenya.  In the recent past his music has been getting a lot of air play in the local media. His song “Poverty” talks about social ills that human beings go through every day and that the only way out is to seek help from the Almighty God.

Having lived in the cold streets of Nairobi for one year, he knows too well how challenging life can get. Nairobi is normally viewed as the land of opportunities by many villagers, travelling to Nairobi is a trip that is viewed as one that that will actualize ones dreams to reality similar to attaining the American dreams. Prince was aware of the good life in Nairobi at a young age and when his aunt visited the village one December holiday he knew this was his golden opportunity to travel to the big city, which he sure did. On arriving in Nairobi reality hit home. Even at his tender age of 5 years he knew this was not what he had anticipated.

His aunt lived in Kibera –the largest slum in Kenya. Life here was not as peaceful as that of the village and as time went by it turned to be more difficult. At the age of 6 he was roaming through the streets of Nairobi trying to fend for himself after life with his aunt became unbearable.

Being so young and alone in the streets made him prone to being bullied by the other big boys, luckily for him Koinonia Community came to his rescue. In 2004, the Koinonia Community social workers were up and about in their street work where they strive to reduce the number of children in the streets below 15 years. It was during that time when they noticed Prince, who expressed his desire to get a good life and education.   

He was among the boys that got rescued to join Ndugu Mdogo that year. During his stay at the center he was able to discover his talents –singing and dancing, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life which is music.

In 2017 he got to travel to Tanzania, where he got to perfect his vocal and song writing skills at the High Table sounds owned and managed by  Barnaba Classic a renowned Tanzanian artist. To date Prince has managed to release 5 audio singles and one video to his latest track Poverty.

He looks forward to making great music that will be able to transform lives positively.

His music can be found online under the name-Humble Prince.