It’s another year and the team of Koinonia social workers are out to begin a crucial mission that forms part of our 3R’s approach – Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate. Between the months of February and April, our social workers are touring different parts of Nairobi and its environs in search of vulnerable boys and girls living in the streets. These places where the vulnerable children live are commonly known as “Bases”.

During the three months, social workers have dedicated their time to carry out various activities including:

  • Visit new bases and familiarize themselves with boys and girls in that particular area.
  • Identify children between 5-11 years who can be rehabilitated and reintegrated back to their family as well as aid in their school placement process.
  • Street youth formation. This is where social workers empower the youth, thus giving them a platforms that enables them to utilize their skills with the ultimate goal of making these youth economically stable and live a meaningful lives.

To be able to achieve the above objectives, social workers have to create a rapport with the children so that they can open up to them easily, and trust them in their joint mission of creating a better society. This rapport is created through engaging with the children in different activities such as playing street soccer together. Just like the Koinonia Community’s slogan “We care we share”, the team is sharing their time and skills to ensure they make our communities and the world in general a better place.

Some of the bases targeted by the Koinonia team include, but not limited to Kenyatta market, Kawangware, Vernvouver, Mlango Kubwa, Mutindwa, Riverside, Grogon, Gikomba, Roysambu, Central Park, Dagoretti, Mutuini and Mtaro