Koinonia Community have been at the fore front impacting the lives of community members through the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of children from the streets.

A family set up is the best place for a child to grow in thus the need for children to be reintegrated back to their families. The reintegration part greatly involves parents being able to build a relationship with their children that will deter them from heading back to the streets.  It is due to this cause that Koinonia Community organizes forums for parents and guardians to be guided on ways in which they will relate with their children once they return home.

Pycho-social support is important as it helps parents understand the important role they are expected to play in the upbringing of their children. It also helps parents explore and find practical ways in which they can do this. Pycho-social support sessions include having one on one counselling sessions with the parents to get to understand the different challenges they are going through, after which they are helped to come up with practical solutions. One such session was held in Shalom House, on Saturday 29th July 2017.

Many of the children rescued from the streets have absentee parents or some live on the streets with their children. It is important for the guardians to understand the value of being a responsible parent as it guides a child to being a responsible citizen in future. Parents are encouraged to be engage with their children as well as looking for alternative means of survival that will not result in their children heading back to the streets. There is bound to have disagreements between parents and their children and parents should ensure that they solve such with sober minds.

The discussions were moderated by various counselors, Jane Njeri, Grace Mwangi , Robert Kheyi  and Sammyl Mwangi. The sessions will continue whereby parents and guardians will be guided on ways they find meaningful employment or have start up businesses.