Koinonia Community in Kenya has been operating for over 20 years. In this period, we’ve had our fair share of challenges and we’ve never forgotten to celebrate the various achievements we’ve had over our existence. After a rigorous 3- week evaluation of all the projects under Koinonia, the evaluation team made up of the Koinonia Community management board (Executive Committee and the Central Administration) set up 28th of September 2018 to recognize all the projects and individuals who performed extra-ordinarily during the period of the year 2017 – 2018. This year’s event was sponsored by our partners Amani Onlus and MAECI

The recognition event was held at Ndugu Mdogo Rescue Centre, Kerarapon Drive, Kenya and had all the Koinonia projects represented. As customary, every project representative was given an opportunity to introduce themselves and tell the others about their respective projects. This was followed by sharing scrumptious meal prepared by the hosts, Ndugu Mdogo.

In the afternoon, the much anticipated program for the day was underway It all began by address to the attendees by all the panelists who carried out the evaluation exercise. The message was very clear – Koinonia appreciates the efforts put forward by everyone mandated to do the same, and the need to always better ourselves even as we continue serving people and positively influencing their lives.

The projects recognized on this day were:

  • Anita Home were appreciated for their efforts in promoting their sustainability and Resource Mobilization
  • Paolo’s Home were appreciated for the quality of service they offer to their clients, especially in their therapy and daycare departments
  • Tone la Maji were appreciated for their Networking and Resource Mobilization efforts
  • Families to Families Project, which acts as a link between Rehabilitation and Re-integration of our beneficiaries, were appreciated for their commendable efforts in youth empowerment.
  • Shalom IT Services were recognized for their Innovation efforts that ensures that Koinonia projects and other clients enjoy convenience of Information and Communication Technology services.
  • Kivuli Tailoring School was appreciated for their community empowerment efforts that includes offering technical skills to the neighborhood, with their clients including several refugees.
  • Andrew’s Computer School, which is a campus of Shalom IT Center, was recognized especially for their staff dedication
  • Riruta Health Project, commonly known as Kivuli Dispensary were appreciated for their high quality services, especially in the pharmacy department.
  • Shalom IT Center were commended for offering quality ICT training services to their students
  • Domus Mariae School was appreciated for the dedication of their staff
  • Koinonia Farms, who are renown for organic farming and the production of Moringa, were commended for the production of Quality farm products
  • Domus FM, a radio station that serves Kajiado North consitueny at 99.9 MHz, were highly appreciated for their efforts in Community Sensitization.
  • Mtaani Radio, the community radio station that serves Dagoretti area of Nairobi were recognized for their efforts in Community Sensitization.

Then came the most coveted awards for the year, recognizing the projects that have greatly improved since the last recognition event.

Kivuli Centre were awarded the most improved social project, and in addition to other prizes, were awarded a voucher that guarantees them a trip of their choice

Diakonia Institute were recognized as the most improved Social Enterprise and also in addition to other awards, were given a sponsored team-building session of their choice within Nairobi.

Employee of the Year

For the first time ever since the event began three years ago, Koinonia Community recognized their best employees for the year 2018.

Mr. Nicholas sharing on what it takes to be Employee of the year

Nicholas Onyango, who works at Baraza Cafe in Shalom House was recognized as employee of the year 2018  under the social enterprises category.

Erick Okuku, working with Families to was recognized as the employee of the year in the social projects. Erick is well known for his efforts in Youth Mentorship which has benefited many youths who’ve ended up being employed by Koinonia, leading meaningful lives and being role models for others to follow suit.

Eunice Kwona, working at Paolo’s Home was also awarded the employee of the year for her passionate efforts in working with children.

All the staff who were recognized as the employees of the year were awarded with certificates, shopping vouchers among other gifts.

Congratulations to all the winners!