Success cannot be achieved unless someone has the vision and desire- the words of Mr. Harrison Kyalo, Koinonia Community Administrator during the 2nd edition of Koinonia Recognition Event that took place on 28th July 2017 at Paolo’s Home in Kibera.

This is a day set aside in the Koinonia calendar aimed at honoring individuals and projects that have performed well in attaining certain goals as a means of motivation, in the last year.

The recognition had been based on two sections the Income Generating Activities (IGA’s)/Social enterprise and Social Projects, which were further classified into five categories- Innovation and Growth, Improved projects, Family Involvement, Resource mobilization and networking and Finance Managements.

Best performers in the Social Enterprise category included;

Kivuli Trailoring School – Quality of Service and Compliance award.

Shalom House and Baraza Café – CSR and Community Service award.

Riruta Health Project – Finance Management and Sustainability award.

Domus Marie School –   HR Opportunities and Dedication award.

Shalom IT Center – Innovation and Growth award.


Best performers among the Social Projects included;

Anita Home – Best care practices (Behavior, Education and Talent Development) award.

Families to families – Family involvement and Empowerment award.

Rescue centers – Finance Management and Sustainability award.

Tone la Maji – HR Opportunities and Dedication award.

Paolo’s Home – Resource mobilization and networking award.

It was also important to recognize the efforts of projects and social enterprises that had shown great improvement in the last one year.

Most improved social enterprise were Riruta Health Project and Domus Marie, while most improved social projects were Anita Home and Paolo’s Home.

Best performed and projects that greatly improved this time round were awarded greatly in that they issued with vouchers, gifts in addition to certificates for the projects and individual certificates for the members in the best performing projects.

At the end of the event one thing was clear that it takes a team to succeed. Janet Nyongesa, the manager at Paolo’s Home urged her fellow colleagues to work with passion for the children and the community as that is what Koinonia Community has envisioned to fulfill since inception.