Professor Wangari Mathai is best known for her efforts in developing the Green Belt Movement and its efforts towards planting trees. She coined the phrase “My little thing” where she encouraged people to plant trees in order to protect the environment.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate once stated that we owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so as to pass our children a suitable world that benefits all. It is for this reason that the Run 4 Future Foundation has teamed up with Koinonia Community to champion this worthy course through the Run4 Future race, set for the 18th August 2019 in Kibera.

The race is aimed at creating awareness on environmental conservation and educating children in Kibera, at Ndugu Mdogo. By being part of this noble initiative you will also be an ambassador of environmental awareness and through that be able to spread and share the news with other individuals and as a result create a clean environment.

A map of Kibera illustrating the path to be covered during the Run 4 Future event

Activities of the day include 10KM, for trained athletes both men and women, the 3KM Family Fun Run and planting of trees at different places within Kibera. To be part of this noble course you need to one needs to register on .

Kenya’s forest cover currently stands at 7%. In 2018, the government launched an ambitious project looking to increase the forest cover from 7% to 10% by the year 2022. By being part and parcel of Run4Future  we will be working towards making the 10% coverage a reality to us and our children.