This year in the month of January to Mid-February, Ndugu Mdogo Social workers conducted field-work activities in the streets of Nairobi. The main objective of this exercise was to identify vulnerable children in the streets and rescuing them. Once rescued from the streets, these children, with their consent (takes numerous one on one sessions and discussions / convincing) are admitted to our Koinonia Centres for care and nurturing. This year’s street work activities targeted a maximum of 25 children to Ndugu Mdogo rescue center for rehabilitation, resocialization, reintegration and referrals to other Koinonia children homes for any child who cannot trace his or her families or relatives to be reunited with. We surpassed our target and instead rescued 35 children. This was largely due to the many economic and financial factors that have resulted in a high number of street families living and suffering in the capital city of Nairobi.

We thank our partners and well-wishers for their continued support as we tirelessly work to improve the lives of the vulnerable.