Tone la Maji is a rehabilitation center under Koinonia Community that aims at rehabilitating, providing care and education to the children in difficult circumstances with an ultimate goal of reintegrating them back to their families/communities of origin.

Tone La Maji is located in Nkaimurunya Location of Kajiado North Sub-County in Kajiado. It is one on the initiatives of Koinonia Community existing since 2005. TLM currently has a total number of 30 inreach participants (boys), 15 outreach participants (boys) and 6 employees (as of Jan 2024). Life in Tone La Maji is structured as a typical African family where the boys enjoys warmth of the family life and as the African proverb says, “A child belongs to the Community”.

Tone la maji is established as a sign of hope for boys in difficult situation especially those on the streets. The establishment believes in supporting and strengthening children’s capacity through formal education, life skills and talent development. It is also committed to working closely with the community by active involvement in rehabilitation and reintegration for the boy-child to become enlightened and responsible persons in the society.


Tone La Maji helps to improve lives of former street boys, orphans and vulnerable boys through care and protection, support education and protection as well as empowering their families for future reunification.

1. To increase the number of OVCs through rescue and referrals and assist them satisfy their human needs and development through education, spiritual and psychological support.
2. To educated and empower the Community on alternative family care and promote reintegration of young youth in their families/Community.
3. To provide protection, security and maintain facilities in TLM and to empower the workforce, strengthen the project team, lobby, fundraise and network with other organization agencies.
4. To ensure the project closely with the children department, other koinonia community projects and work in line with accepted standard.

5. To promote social ecomical entrepreneurship through modern farming process.


1. Tone La Maji has had many achievements in the past
2. It has been self-sustaining for quite a number of years.
3. It has provided hope to many vulnerable boys some of them now in different industries in the Country.
4. TLM has been a platform to expose talents beyond the borders of Kenya.

1. Informal Education.
Prepares children to join formal education institution. The main purpose is to enhance the child’s capacity to acquire attitude, values, skills and knowledge from daily experiences and the educative experiences resources of the environment.

2. Formal Education.
Children who merit are assisted to acquire formal education depending on evaluation by social workers.

3. Spiritual Care.
Spiritual nourishment is provided for through Eucharistic Celebration, prayers, Bible sharing, Hymns and other spiritual encounters.

4. Leisure and Sports.
The program ensures that all the children are given equal chances to participate fully in sports and leisure for recreation.

5. Training and Life Skills.
Beneficiaries are given an opportunity to for life skill impartation hence periodic trainings are also carried out both internal and external.

•TLM aims at securing of stable donors  through networking locally, regionally and internationally.

•Its also targeting to increase the number of beneficiaries in the facility.

•TLM is also aiming at improving on the service delivery to the beneficiaries and stakeholder so that it may attract more donors.