Koinonia Kenya was established in the year 1989. With the help of our partners and well wishers, Koinonia Kenya has touched so many lives, and continues to work towards making the lives of the marginalized better.

In Kenya, Koinonia operates programs and projects through an approach that reaches out to the child , the family network and the local community. The children living in the streets are visited by social workers, often formeer street children themselves, and invited to join the activities of the rescue centres. After rehabilitation, they are reunited with their families of origin when possible or referred to our homes and then reintegrated to their family networks while involving  the community in the entire process. All children in Koinonia homes are encouraged to practice their religion of choice and access education for the achievement of their dreams.

Koinonia Kenya runs the following social projects:

  1. Anita Home
  2. Kivuli Centre
  3. Tone la Maji
  4. Rescue Centre in Kibera (Ndugu Mdogo)
  5. Families to Families project
  6. Riruta Health Project in Kabiria, populary known as Kivuli Dispensary

This is in addition to the many children and youth initiatives meant to empower the members of the community.