“To empower marginalized and vulnerable community members with sustainable social services for an inclusive Kenyan society”.
Koinonia Community’s mission is as follows:

Koinonia Community is a lay organization where members live as one family sharing dreams, successes and failures with openness, building bonds of brotherhood.

Koinonia is committed to the growth of the community and each of its members, and to the service of the wider society. The Community strives to counteract the socio- political and economic evils. The service of the Community is geared towards the empowerment of the marginalized especially the little ones

Koinonia Community is open to others. The diverse activities in which the Community engages itself in, makes the members realize their common human vocation. Community members base their lives in the teachings of Christ and the values transmitted to them by their ancestors. This brings them to a unified culture, which leads to a new life

Koinonia members see themselves and all persons as called to work with God for the emergence of His Kingdom.


In order to pursue the vision and mission of Koinonia Community, members of staff are requested to merge their individual interests with those of the community. This would help promote the spirit of working together as a team, forming an important basis for collaborative ministry. Teamwork and collaboration are required to realize the Koinonia dream through the objectives below;


1. To increase the access to rescue and emergency support services by orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) with a specific focus for those in the streets and slums.2. To improve the quality of comprehensive care and protection services provided to OVCs within a rehabilitative process with the participation of all stakeholders.3. To increase access to quality education for the development of community capacities in the enhancement of human capital, research and dissemination of information.4. To promote community empowerment, health and sustainable social capital for effective societal reintegration of the marginalized youth and other vulnerable members.5. To promote social entrepreneurship for the sustainability of social initiatives and social-economic development of local communities


In the implementation and enforcement of this policy, Koinonia Community will be guided by its values. Koinonia Community has identified the following core values, which it undertakes to, have fully integrated in all its work. These values are:

  1. We give a chance to the marginalized and vulnerable little ones in the community for the promotion of human dignity
  2. We aspire to  offer everyone equal chances in life while respecting our diversity for inclusiveness
  3. We belong to each other and seek to empower the people we live and work with for sustainable development
  4. Our professional service is towards integrity, social justice and peace
  5. We live by the African and Christian spirituality
  6. We live in communion as one family with brotherhood/Sisterhood among members and those we work with in Openness and accountability
  7. We care and share as we serve to establish the kingdom of God.